Diabetes is a big issue amongst Australians, 280 Australians develop diabetes every day, that means one person every 5 minutes! We have created our clinical nutrition diabetic formula because we know being overweight can play a factor in diabetes related complications and it’s important you know how to take care of your body. 

Our formula has been clinically tested and designed to be suitable for diabetics. It is a certified low GI formula, specifically designed to support diabetics that can’t get their full nutritional needs through dietary modification alone. It supports sugar metabolism by providing a high protein nutritional meal replacement.

It is suitable for both type 1 and type 2 diabetics. Our clinically tested low GI formula has been designed with nutrients to help process carbs, sugar, and regulate blood pressure. It has added vitamin D, chromium, inositol and zinc as well as other micronutrients required for diabetics. The low GI formula can reduce the risk of developing diabetes-related complications! It helps diabetics maintain a feeling of fullness, fuelling the body with high-quality protein.

Each serving contains 22 vitamins and minerals including 25% of the RDI of vitamin D, B12, iron, zinc and calcium. Our amazing ingredients have many benefits for diabetics.  Chromium and zinc contribute to normal carbohydrate metabolism, Vitamin b6 and b12 to contribute to normal energy, Vitamin C, D and zinc to support normal immune function. It also contains over 17g of protein per serve or 24g of protein if used as directed, and it’s gluten free!

We are so proud to say that our formula the lowest GI rating and the highest amount of protein out of all our competitors on the market! This is so important, especially it being low GI because if you stick to a low GI diet it can help reduce the body’s average blood glycerol levels!

Nutren by Nestle has a low GI rating of 34, it only contains 11g of protein! Glucerna diabetic formula has a GI rating of 41 and it only contains 10g of protein. Jinvigorate’s diabetic formula couldn’t beat our low GI rating either!






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As you can see, we have carefully created a formula to fulfil dietary needs for diabetics ensuring it’s super low GI, and high in protein for their benefit.

Our diabetic formula comes in two great flavours, vanilla, and chocolate. If you’re using this shake as a meal replacement, we recommend replacing no more than one meal a day. Our formula should be taken with a healthy balanced diet, lifestyle, and exercise. We recommend mixing this shake with full-cream milk. 

What our customers have said:

April says, “Value plus”

“I absolutely love this product, and the taste is great. Its not chalky like some I have tried, it keeps me full and helps keep my sugar cravings at bay. I will continue to use this as I find it convenient and easy to use.”

Amie says,

“I have been using this for a while now and have lost 26kg, yay. I'm on the border line of being a diabetic, that's why I use this formula (better safe than sorry). I find it more enjoyable when I mix it with fruit, I also use with it chia seeds and/or LSA meal. Thanks. :)”

You can read more about our amazing product in our diabetic living magazine feature!