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With over 100 meal replacement shakes, snacks, accessories, and weight-loss plans available in Australia, we strive to support you on your health journey every step of the way.
Whether it’s weight-loss, performance, longevity, or energy, we know the importance of a nourished body for quality of life.

Calculate Your BMR

Your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is the number of calories you need each day to keep your body going while at rest. To get your BMR, simply input your height, gender, age, weight and level of activity.

In order to lose weight you need to reduce your calories; simply select how much you would like to reduce your calories by, and remember to select I am breastfeeding if you are currently breastfeeding. Use this calculator to plan your diet including the meal replacement and protein shake available in Australia you’ll be using for your plan.

Female Male
I am breastfeeding







Now that you know the approximate number of calories you need, here are some next steps you can take:

1. Select recipes suitable for your diet

Find recipes to suit your calories & dietary requirements

2. Find the right products for you

Not sure which IsoWhey product is right for you?

3. Plan your workout program

Want to increase your exercise or start a new routine? We have exercises you can start right now from home, no equipment required.

Who We Are

At IsoWhey Australia, we research, manufacture, and distribute a premium range of weight management products, meal replacement shakes, and health supplements online and in select stores in Australia. Our range of health products include formulated supplementary foods, formulated meal replacements, collagen supplements, vegan protein supplements, specialist diabetic products, as well as supplement options for seniors and children.


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