IsoWhey’s clinical nutrition advanced 55+ shake is designed for people who are (of course) 55 years of age or older. The reason we’ve created a specific shake for this age group is because after the age of 50, the risk of sarcopenia increases. Sarcopenia is characterised by loss of muscle mass, strength, function, and you can’t do anything about getting older, so we’re here to help! We know that human biological needs change from the age of 55 and over, so it is vital that pre-emptive action is taken! The need for protein triples once you’re over the age of 55, so we have created a formula to guarantee your body is getting the right nutrients for your age!

Our 55+ shake maximises daily nutritional to support healthy ageing, designed to be used in conjunction with a balanced diet. It contains so many beneficial ingredients! It has 23 vitamins and minerals, it’s high in premium whey protein with 19.4g per serve and that is just the powder alone! Mixing this formula with full cream milk will give you a whopping 26.5g of protein per serve! This is beneficial when it comes to muscle maintenance. It contains Vitamin D and calcium which will decrease the risk of falls and osteoporosis. It’s high in fibre with 6g per serve. It also contains probiotics and digestive enzymes for healthy digestion. There are so many benefits that comes with the 55+ shake, one of our favourite parts about this formula is there are absolutely no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners! It’s also extremely low in sugar especially given the high protein content!

Compared to our competitors, our formula has the highest amount of protein AND the lowest amount of sugar!



Sustagen Active

Sustagen Active with Fibre


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It is so much more than a protein shake! The added vitamins have a range of benefits. Aside from Vitamin D and calcium to reduce the likelihood of falls and osteoporosis, it’ll also help support overall bone health. It contains vitamin A which is amazing for brain & eye support, vitamin A is vital to the healthy functioning of the retinas and can help with age related macular degeneration! It also contains vitamin C which does wonders for immune & energy support! Basically, this shake will fuel your body with energy and fulfil your nutritional needs with the added benefit of

The shake also contains 26% RDI for women over 50 in the powder alone, 41% of RDI when consumed with full cream milk! This helps to prevent osteoporosis in women.

How is it different to Sustagen?

Our formula has been specifically designed to promote optimum health for older people, and one of the key nutritional differences is the low sugar content. We have created a shake that is both delicious and guilt-free, maximising all the health benefits it has to offer!

We recommend this shake be consumed with 200mL of full cream milk. It is not a meal replacement; it is designed to be taken as a healthy snack.