IsoWhey complete is a supplementary sports food that can be used as a meal replacement or as a general protein supplement. It is a protein shake with benefits, our carefully designed formula incorporates 18 different vitamins and minerals, pre & probiotics to support gut health and digestive enzymes which can help reduce bloating when you switch to a high protein diet.

It is perfect for those with busy lifestyles who find themselves neglecting their health. This is common amongst those struggling to balance work, family life and health, consuming these shakes will help to remove some of the stress around meal planning. It can be used as a meal replacement, but it cannot be used as a total diet replacement. We recommend 1-2 shakes per day with 1 healthy, low-carb meal and snacks.

Depending on your genetics, starting weight and overall health, using the IsoWhey complete shakes twice a day paired with one low-carb, healthy meal, and light exercise you could lose between 0.5-1kg per week. If you plan on using the IsoWhey complete collection for weight loss, we highly recommend you stay active, you can check out our 8-week challenge on for inspiration.

Compared to the competition IsoWhey complete collection has the lowest amount of sugar, only 2.1g, with a high protein content of 15g. They are easy to digest and will keep you fuller for longer without feeding the sugar addiction a lot of us are subject to.

When you’ve reached your goal weight IsoWhey Complete is still there for you when you want to continue your wellness journey, IsoWhey complete shakes can be used long term to maintain weight loss. You can continue to take IsoWhey once a day as a meal or even as a post-workout protein shake, because it’s packed with extra vitamins, minerals and probiotics it is so much better for you than a straight protein shake!

The range comes in five amazing flavours and is available in a mix of sizes to suit your lifestyle. From single serve sachets to bulk value tubs.

IsoWhey complete shakes have been helping Australians lose weight and take control of their health for more than 15 years and have helped people lose millions of kilos.

What our customers have said:

“Hunger/food cravings gone!” JB from Brisbane says, “I am the hungriest, most food-loving person on the planet and these shakes have curbed that completely. I've switched two meals a day for the Ivory Coast Chocolate (whichever is more convenient for my schedule) and I'm never hungry or find myself craving junk food anymore. Also lost 1kg in my first week. Amazing.”

“Nice tasting and nutritionally complete”, Nin from the Gold Coast says, “Currently, have the chocolate flavour which is really nice with water/skim milk. Sometimes I add in extra to my shake like berries/banana. It is a great meal replacement shake, combined with diet and exercise I am not needing to eat as bigger portions as I use to. Will definitely buy more Isowhey to support my fitness journey. Great price from chemist warehouse too.”

If you’re looking for other ways to add nutrition to your diet, you can make delicious smoothies using one scoop of your favourite IsoWhey shake.