Can A Keto Diet Help You Lose Weight

It is a given that eating healthy together with regular exercise is needed by our body. But if you are a working woman or a full-time Mum, you might have difficulties in taking care of your own health.

This article will guide you to one of the healthy lifestyles that are receiving popularity today—the ketogenic diet or simply ‘keto’.

What Is A Ketogenic Diet?

Keto is a kind of diet that focuses on eating meals that have high-fat content and, at the same time, is low on carbs. To be accurate, it is typically suggested that the meal is composed of:

  • 75% calories from fat
  • 20% protein
  • 5% carbs

Can Keto Help In Losing Weight?

Yes, scientifically speaking, the body primarily uses carbs as a source of fuel. By cutting the intake of carbs, the body will break down the fat molecules known as ketones to support the brain's physiological processes, muscle, and organ function.

Because of this process, the body must adapt from a high carb diet to a low carb one. You may experience keto flu, which is characterized by feelings of nausea, fatigue, and headaches. It may also cause constipation. But, after a few days, you may start noticing changes in your body. You may feel that you get less hungry, thus contributing to inducing weight loss.

Furthermore, several studies suggest that keto diet can help improve your overall health and prevent medical conditions such as diabetes, epilepsy, Alzheimer's disease, and cancer.


Planning Your Keto Diet

You might think that preparing your meals may take time. As a busy woman or a full-time Mum, we understand that you rather spend time on other things, especially resting, than preparing your keto meal.

The good thing is there are a variety of keto products available in the market.

Today, due to the increasing popularity, more and more keto products are being developed and sold in the market. One of these is the IsoWhey Keto Brownie.

These brownies are an ideal option for busy people who want to enjoy being healthy. With this brownie, you can take your keto diet anywhere with you. The IsoWhey Keto Brownie comes in two flavours, berry and chocolate. Both are made with no artificial colours, flavours, or sweeteners. Furthermore, they are low in carbs and are gluten-free and are a good source of protein and fibre.

The next time you plan your meals, you should try to incorporate IsoWhey Keto Brownies to your diet.