Introducing IsoWhey Men's!

We are so excited to launch our brand new IsoWhey Men's Shake. This shake is all you need to take control of your diet and turn your health around.

When we created our new Men's Shake we knew we wanted flavour to be at the forefront and it's one of the reasons why Men love this so much. 

Not only is it packed with 32 grams of Aussie protein that is going to help you feel fuller for longer, but it's got fat burners that target stubborn belly fat!

Weight loss doesn't have to be hard or involve hours at the gym and a boring diet. We love food just like you do! Which is why every IsoWhey Men's Shake is packed with fibre and essential vitamins and minerals to give you a complete meal that's easy to make and ensuring you're not compromising on nutrition!

Just replace 1-2 meals a day with an IsoWhey Men's Shake it's that simple!

Choose from four delicious flavours:

Or get an assorted pack with & TRY them all!

We know this is going to be a game changer for those men out there wanting to shred a few kg's!