A VLCD (very low-calorie diet) is used to fast-track weight loss by easily limiting your daily calorie intake by replacing either 1, 2 or 3 meals a day with a low-calorie shake, encouraging your body to use up fast stores for energy. 

The IsoWhey Optimum VLCD + Collagen is the first of it's kind! As well as being packed with essential vitamins and minerals to support your body, we've added clinically studied collagen peptides for additional beauty and weight loss benefits!

You might be wondering why we added collagen. Dr Michael Zachaira, a cosmetic surgeon in Sydney shares his expertise:

'As a surgeon, women often come to see me after rapid weight loss,
worried about looking older! This is because they are worried about wrinkles, thinner hair, and sagging skin. Scientific studies show VERISOL® hydrolysed collagen peptides help support skin elasticity and firmness, helping to reduce wrinkles. Reduce the appearance of cellulite with consistent use and improve hair thickness and strength.

It’s the perfect way to lose weight and feel good about yourself! I recommend VERSIOL® collagen to all my clients whether or not they need to lose weight!'

Whether you’re working towards a special occasion or just trying to feel good about your overall health, new IsoWhey Optimum VLCD + Collagen can help you achieve your goal.