Interested in starting a very low-calorie diet using IsoWhey VLCD shakes? Here’s a guide on how to properly use our shakes on your journey to a healthier and happier you!

Our VLCD shakes are a special class of meal replacements that you can replace your whole diet! These shakes are designed for rapid weight loss or for gradual, long-term health goals. So, how do they work? The VLCD shakes are full of protein and contain 24 vitamins and minerals to fill your nutritional needs! Our formula is loaded with nutrients which is what makes it possible to be a total diet replacement. Your required daily intake is totally taken care of even if you’re using the shakes to replace all meals. The reason they work so well is because they are super low in calories and are extremely flavourful!

Plus, our shakes contain 2.5g of clinically studied VERISOL in every shake – why collagen? Well when you lose weight quickly you may notice hair loss and shedding, brittle nails and sagging skin. VERISOL collagen is clinically proven to prevent all these things!

How do I use it?

Our VLCD shakes are pretty flexible! You can replace all meals, one or two meals or even use the shake as an added snack during the day, guilt-free as they’re so low in calories! We have a VLCD program available that will give you some more direction when it comes to your weight loss journey.  

With our VLCD program we offer 3 different levels to start from, they are categorised by calorie intake.

Level 1 is called rapid, with this level we recommend all meals be replaced with a shake and one small meal of low starch vegetables, no liquid calories should be consumed, so you’re limited to black tea, coffee, and water. This rapid stage only accounts for 800 calories per day, paired with light exercise this will be the most effective way to lose weight.

Level 2 is called kick-start. For this level we recommend 2 VLCD shakes a day as well as a low-calorie snack, a low-calorie meal of approximately 350 calories and 2x cups of low starch vegetables. We recommend to pair this with light exercise for maximum results. The kick-start level allows for 1000 calories a day. At this level you can incorporate some of our other amazing products such as the complete shake.

Level 3 is called balanced. This is the level that incorporates the most solid food. We recommend one shake a day, 2x low calorie snacks and 2x healthy meals that are around 350 calories each. With the balanced level you’ll be consuming 1,200 calories per day. Level 3 also allows for different IsoWhey products to be used. We have a huge variety to choose from based on lifestyle and dietary requirements!

Which level should I choose?

It all depends on what your goal is! If you’re aiming for rapid weight loss, then we recommend trying out our rapid level. It is important to note when you’re starting a VLCD diet at Level 1 you must consult your GP, pharmacist, or health professional to see what works for works for you and if you have BMI over 35 then make sure you get the green light from your health professional before starting the rapid level!

If you want to lose weight quickly but aren’t too fond of a solely liquid diet, then we recommend kick-start because you’re still mainly consuming the shakes, but it offers more flexibility. If you’re looking to replace one meal a day then try the balanced level, you’re still consuming very little calories but you’re able to eat more solid foods.

Don’t feel like you have to stick to a certain level, you can change whenever you’d like! All three levels will lead to weight loss, it all depends on your lifestyle! No matter which level you choose you should be staying active, but since you’re not getting a big calorie intake, we say to stick to light exercise.