We were so excited to host the IsoWhey Event #HealthyYou2022 in Sydney this February. The key message surrounding the event was that your health and wellness is your number one priority, and only you are in control. It’s completely normal to feel stressed and unmotivated, but the most important thing you can do is to look after yourself. You come first.

IsoWhey feel it's incredibly important to host events encouraging to hear other people’s struggles and try some of their tips to better yourself. It was incredibly motivating to be in a room full of people who are actively trying to better themselves and sharing their stories

The ‘Healthy You 2022’ IsoWhey event, was hosted by Elise Wilson, beauty editor of New Idea Magazine along with special guest Turia Pitt. The event was attended by members of the public and other IsoWhey lovers including Candice Warner, you can try Candice’s favourite IsoWhey smoothie recipe here.

The morning began with a panel discussion surrounding body perception and overall health.  Our key speakers for this discussion were woman's nutritionist, Amelia Phillips and the co-founder and director of yoga at Flow Athletic, Kate Kendall.

Amelia began by suggesting that when it comes to health and wellness, find what’s not “firing” for you and work on that first, whether it be sleep, eating habits or exercise. She also shared one of her top wellness hacks - her favourite way to make a smoothie is with frozen fruit, she emphasised how easy it is to make quick meals that also benefit your health.

Turia shared how she managed to get her mental health and wellness journey back on track. She encouraged us to move our body every day, even for a short while. Change your focus if you’re struggling, go to the gym or practice mindfulness and remember to push yourself a little bit, she also mentioned that it’s completely normal to feel bad or unmotivated sometimes. Her wellness hack was to stay off her phone in the morning, prioritising yourself when you first wake up.

Kate Kendall spoke about how she suffered with an eating disorder for over 20 years and told the crowd she didn’t initially take up yoga for wellness, but out of vanity. Over time she discovered yoga had made her “feel” again. After suffering from depression, specifically during university, yoga helped her mentally and spiritually, also explaining that having her daughter was the catalyst for her healing.

After the engaging panel discussion, the whole team enjoyed in an energising yoga session, led by Kate. She focused on breathing exercises, saying one of the most important health and wellness hacks was to learn techniques to nourish and appreciate yourself.

After the team yoga session, everyone was invited to have a healthy and IsoWhey approved brunch, also giving everybody a chance to meet and mingle with the team from New Idea Magazine and our amazing panellists. 

At the end of the event, everyone took home a gorgeous IsoWhey gift bag packed with goodies! We are so excited to host more events like this in the future and if you’re interested in attending our next event, follow us @IsoWhey.