When it comes to weight loss, what’s more important: calories or nutrients?

Amelia Phillips, nutritionist, and exercise scientist recently shared some quality tips with Body & Soul on how to manage weight loss. Amelia is extremely qualified in her field, studying a bachelor of exercise science, post graduate certificate in Nutrition and a Masters in Human Nutrition. She has over two decades of experience in the health and wellbeing industry. She is the co-founder of the Michelle Bridges 12WBT which is a 12-week exercise, nutrition, and mindset training program. She also has her own podcast! Amelia’s podcast is called ‘Healthy Her’ and she speaks to the top parenting, fitness and medical experts to find out how you can thrive when you’re sleep deprived, learn to love your post-baby body, how to balance your career with kids, and keeping your relationship with your partner on track! We are also so lucky to have Amelia on the IsoWhey team to help advise on nutrition for our programs and shakes!

Amelia recently wrote an article for Body & Soul on the topic of calories vs nutrition when it comes to weight loss and how IsoWhey can fit into your lifestyle.

In the beginning of the article, she speaks about calorie counting. We all know that calories count, “It’s virtually impossible to lose weight without being in a calorie deficit, however counting calories may not be the best way to get you there.” Amelia said. She emphasises that counting calories can take the joy out of eating, it’s also quite an effort to calculate the calories in every meal you consume and when it comes to eating out it’s more than likely that your count will be inaccurate. This is one of the reasons IsoWhey’s shakes are so beneficial for dieting, you will know exactly how many calories are in each serving as well as all the ingredients including all the vitamins and minerals!

Amelia also mentioned focusing on nutrients, saying “The benefits of focusing on nutrients (i.e., the quality of the food you eat), is that a healthy balanced diet full of lots of veggies will naturally be lower in calories and higher in fibre.” She elaborates by saying the fibre will keep you feeling full, and in turn the calories are released more slowly, keeping blood sugar regulated which helps to prevent those unhealthy cravings we all get!

Amelia swears by the “MEDS principle”. MEDS stands for mindfulness, exercise, diet, and sleep. She believes that all of these components are detrimental to weight loss. All four areas must be considered when it comes to your health. IsoWhey’s 8 week challenge focuses on this approach as well, you can check out it out here: Challenges – IsoWhey

When it comes to the diet aspect of weight loss, Amelia recommends intermittent fasting and subbing out one or two meals a day with a nutritionally balanced shake. She says she has found it to be the most effective, manageable, and sustainable.

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