The biggest myth about diets is that they’re all bland and tasteless. With IsoWhey’s protein shakes, however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Each shake is formulated to pack a lot of flavour without the guilt of the extra calories. Not only that, but you can also use IsoWhey’s delicious protein shakes to make yummy recipes and protein shake variations of your own for a fun and tasty weight loss journey!

If you’re in need of some new recipe ideas using IsoWhey’s protein shakes, here are some delightfully scrumptious suggestions we have for you.

Strawberry Protein Mousse

Add a little pzazz to your Strawberry Smoothie shake with our Strawberry Protein Mousse recipe! Make sure you use frozen strawberries for that cold and refreshing feeling with every bite. We also recommend using non-fat Greek yoghurt in this protein shake recipe for a healthier dish. If strawberries are your favourite, this high protein recipe by IsoWhey is a must-try!

Chocolate Protein Pudding

Who says you have to stop at shakes when using IsoWhey’s protein for your recipes? Try out our Chocolate Protein Pudding! Using our Ivory Coast Chocolate shake powder, this IsoWhey recipe is absolutely to die for. Get double the chocolate with this high protein recipe while still maintaining your diet. You can even add some thickened cream on top for that brownie-like finish!

Soft Serves

We know summer’s a long way from now, but you don’t need the scorching heat to enjoy our trio of Soft Serves made with IsoWhey’s delicious protein shakes. You can create the following three flavours: Vanilla Tropics (using our Madagascan Vanilla shake powder), Chocolate Chip (using our Ivory Coast Chocolate shake powder), and Berry Fields (using our Strawberry Smoothie shake powder). Whether you want something fruity or chocolatey, you can never go wrong with these treats under the sun!

Vanilla & Berry-nana Pancakes

Enjoy a healthier and more filling breakfast with our delicious Vanilla & Berry-nana Pancakes! Don’t forget to add some blueberries and bananas for that extra healthy kick of sweetness. Using our Madagascan Vanilla shake powder makes for a high protein breakfast recipe that helps satisfy your appetite and get you through the day with all its nutrients.

Christmas Protein Bliss Balls

Even though Christmas is still a few months away, you can prepare healthy snacks for the rest of the family beforehand with our Christmas Protein Bliss Balls. Not only are they quick and easy-to-make with our Ivory Coast Chocolate shake powder, they’re also quite the tasty snack. Definitely the perfect finger food for the holidays – and even beyond that!

With our delicious IsoWhey protein shakes, the sky’s the limit with the amount of food ideas you can create. Check out our collection of protein shake products to craft and cook new deliciously healthy protein shake recipes!