The festive season is an excuse to eat your favourite foods, polish off those desserts and drink delicious beverages! Here at IsoWhey we want to ensure we enjoy December, without ruining our January! 

Here's some advice from the IsoWhey team:

- Drink plenty of water in between those glasses of wine! You deserve to enjoy your favourite alcoholic drinks but make sure you stay hydrated. It will lessen your hangover the next day and keep your body feeling just that little bit more nourished.

- Sleep! Socialising, travelling, hosting, cooking...all these things can really take it out of you - especially after the year we've had! So do make sure you relax, unwind and get some good sleep. There's nothing better than a good night's sleep and you're less likely to crave sugar if you feel relaxed and rested.

- Keep up your fruit and veggie intake. Enjoy the chocolate but remember to eat lots of green veggies and delicious fruits too, we promise you'll feel better for it.

- Try healthy alternatives to you favourite Christmas foods! There's some delicious recipes available so you can enjoy food, without the guilt. Check out some of our favourites:

- Throughout the busy weeks, swap a few of your meals for an IsoWhey shake! This is a great way to keep your calorie count low while staying nourished and satisfied.

Just remember, the choices you make in December will impact how you feel in January. So our advice is to enjoy all the food, drink and activities that come your way over the Christmas season - just make a few small positive decisions to help you look and feel great for a fantastic 2022.